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Treatments are available within client's own home in their own chair or bed, or outside during the summer, weather permitting.  A portable bed is available for use in the client's home if this is preferred.

It is important that the client feels comfortable, the use of calming music and 100% natural healing oil diffuser can be used during therapy, dependent on client's wishes.

Reiki is a form of healing for the mind, body and soul, it balances and cleanses chakras and heals with love and positive intentions.  Victoria is a registered therapist with years of experience in this healing process.

Sessions are available to book on an individual basis and can be performed on adults, under 18s with an adult present, babies and the disabled.  Anybody can benefit from the healing processes of this therapy, Reiki can even be performed on pets!

If you wish to book a package of sessions, this is available at a discounted price.

If clients prefer to visit Victoria for a therapy session this is also available.

Angel Reiki

This is an alternative method of Reiki where the healer acts as a channel for Angels or healing spirit guides.


Crystal Light Healing Bed - Click here for more information


The Crystal Light Healing Bed is a treatment using clear quartz crystal and light technology. It is a deeply relaxing therapy which creates alignment and healing for the seven major chakras. The crystals radiate light and energy to each of the seven chakras, as well as the colour corresponding to the respective chakra.

This is a non-invasive subtle treatment which works on the subtle energy bodies which helps to promote peace, restoration, alignment and insight. A unique treatment for an all-round rebalance and reboot.


Pellowah the angelic word which translates to "radical shift in consciousness"

This healing modality was channelled for awakening the consciousness of humanity. Pellowah energy is not channeled, the practitioners focus is to hold the space and move with the energy as if the energy itself is the orchestra and the practitioner the conductor. Pellowah is a pure high frequency energy direct from the source.

During a pellowah session the client will lay on the therapy couch with an eye mask and ear plugs for 45 minutes to an hour. Pellowah is a hands off treatment where the client can simply relax and receive.

After the session the Pellowah energy continues to work on the shifts happening in the client as time goes on so there is no need to book a course of treatments but can return if and when one is needed.

Pellowah works very well as a distance healing so is the perfect healing modality in times such as these. The client and practitioner will arrange a time and the client can receive healing in the comfort of their own home as the practitioner sends the energy and works on the client from afar.

If Pellowah calls to you do not hesitate to book a session or call for more information.


1 x Reiki or Angel Reiki Therapy Session ... £30

A Package of 6 x Sessions ... £150

Each therapy session lasts between 30-40 minutes

1 x Crystal Light Healing Bed Session ... £30 

Recommended Package of 12 x Sessions ... £300

Each session lasts 30 - 45 minutes depending on client preference.

Crystal Light Healing Bed is not mobile and client would have to attend healing centre.

Pellowah healing session...£45

Each session lasts for 60 minutes.

Client can choose which method of healing they prefer upon booking.

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